Gender Identity Disorder

A person is sGender Identity Disorderaid to have a gender identity disorder when he or she has a strong desire to be part of the opposite sex. The desire is so strong that the individual actually believes himself to be a member of the opposite sex who is trapped in the wrong body. Gender identity disorder is widely known as trans-sexuality or trans-genderism.

Gender identity disorder is evident from early childhood in most cases and from adulthood in others. In order to diagnose an individual with gender identity disorder, two components should be present:

  • A strong desire to be the opposite sex and repeatedly stating this desire or insisting to be the opposite of what they actually are.
  • Persistent discomfort or unease of the current gender and disconnect with the associated gender roles and functioning.

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How Physical Activity Affects the Brain

Physical Activity Affects the BrainIf you are worried about your child’s cognitive development, then the child nutrition products are not enough. Children need both nutrition and movement-based learning for a proper cognitive growth; therefore, it is crucial that you understand the importance of both nutrition and activity based play. This article will highlight the effect of physical activity on the various cognitive functions.

Physical Activity and the Brain
A growing body of research shows that highly vigorous physical activities have the tendency to increase mental capacity that helps children develop strong skills for various academic endeavors. But that’s not the only advantage of physical activity; movement-based learning and any other task that allows children to engage in challenging physical tasks can evoke a sense of self-confidence, self-reliance and self-efficacy.

Research shows that ample active play in the early stages of life can eliminate fatal diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and other heart diseases. So by giving our children enough opportunities to play, we are giving them a chance to have a better life.

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How Much Research Has Been Done on Herbal Remedies?

I got to thinking about this question after stumbling on a web page that sold a lot herbal sex remedies. The oddest of them was called Jamaican stone. It is some sort of herbal concoction that apparently is made out of tree sap among other things, or at least that is what I understood it to contain. You apply it to the penis and it is supposed to cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It is not as though I am sure what you get when you do that in reality, although from looking at the stuff I can not imagine that I would be eager to rub it on any part of my body and especially not that part of it. Continue reading

Being A Survivor

Violence inside the family is never an easy thing. Many of us (and I raise the hand as well) think that it is easy for those who are trapped inside the circle to escape. All they need to do is walk away, right? Wrong. Being someone who actually was trapped inside it, I can tell you first hand that most of the times you do not know that you are trapped inside such a circle.

My father (or the genetic material provider) was/is a violent man. The type of men who do not only enjoy physical abuse but who also enjoy and master the subtle art of psychological abuse. You might think that one comes along the other but it is not the case; you certainly can psychologically destroy someone when you hit them, but it is not necessary to hit them to destroy them psychologically.

For all the time (years) in which we lived with him in the same house, there was no time or pause for him to let us know that we could not do anything without him. He was our saviour and protector from the outside world; everything HAD to be done HIS way because HIS way was better, there was no room and no chance for us to experience, improve or think outside the box.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Still The Best Thing For Social Anxiety

What would you think if I told you that your anxiety wasn’t the true problem, but the true problem you have is the way you hold onto, and battle with your social anxiety disorder. When we put great effort into trying to ‘push away’ our issues related to fear, that is the very moment it becomes chronic. When it comes to social anxiety many people tend to turn to one or more of the 4 ‘solutions’ that we may be told will help our suffering, these solutions are:

1) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In my personal experience I still believe CBT is the fastest way to see results when it comes to overcoming social anxiety. This is because of 2 reasons, #1) Because it gets to the root of the problem which is that our thoughts create our feelings and ultimately the way we behave, #2) It makes you do homework when you’re not in delicate situations and this creates better understanding and confidence when faced with an uneasy situation.

2) Herbs, Vitamins and Other Natural Treatments: With the endless amount of things to take for your social anxiety out there to accommodate your road to recovery, in my experience nothing beats a good vitamin B complex to help your nervous system fight the symptoms of anxiety experienced due to prolonged sensitized nerves.

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