7 Little Known Panic Attack Cure Tips

Don’t you know that anxiety and panic attacks are often misdiagnosed? And worse, some (not all) physicians would automatically reach out for the prescription pad. They will get you on a chemical train right away and send you on your way.

Some symptoms of panic attacks mimic other biological issues like hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, mitral valve prolapsed and a host of other illnesses. It is too soon to deal with panic attacks with medicines without undergoing a battery of tests first.

Also many people believe that anxiety and panic attacks are behavioral conditions. It can only be treated successfully with changing thinking-patterns, reinforcing positive thoughts, adopting a healthy lifestyle and not treating it with a cocktail of drugs.

But you know what else? There are a host of other things you can do before finally resorting to pharmaceutical solutions. In the next 3 minutes you are going to discover an effective but often overlooked ways in learning how to stop a panic attack.

Do you follow me so far? Okay good.

So here are ways to put your panic attacks to a screeching halt:

1. Black Cohosh combined with Pasque flower is effective for regulating estrogen levels, helps reduce hot flashes ( especially if women reached the peri-menopausal stage) and good for stabilizing moods. Generally these herbs are good anxiety relief and relaxes the nervous system.

2. Breathing too quickly can worsen the panic symptoms. You will feel light-headed and all those tingly sensations. When you breathe in more oxygen than you breathe out carbon dioxide there is imbalance. To restore or to correct the balance you need to re-breathe the carbon-dioxide using a brown paper bag.

3. Hope. Dream. Believe. If you are desperate, know that things are going to get better. Think and plan all things that you should be doing if you were not anxious. Believe in yourself that you could get past through insurmountable odds. Have faith that you will become the person that you always wanted to be.

4. Avoid unnecessary stress. Learn to say no and not feel guilty. Let go of low priority commitments. Don’t bite more than you can chew. Have contingency plans when there is an emergency. Have spare key. Encode you babysitter’s number on your speed dial. Etc.

5. Know the triggers so you can prepare best on how to conquer your panic attacks. You can do this by writing on your journal. This way you can trace patterns and triggers. For example, if you get the jitters when you smell a certain scent immediately get your screw-top vial. Open it. And smell your specially concocted scents of lavender, anise, chamomile etc.

6. If you are not spiritual lately maybe it’s time to get in touch with this side of you again. Or if you are not religious from the get-go, it is time to discover this part of you. Know that there is a Supreme being that looks after you and loves you. It is time to develop a special relationship with God through constant prayer. Read the Bible to learn His teachings. Visit a place of worship like the church or temple. Attend a Sunday school class or Bible study institution.

7. Develop a sense of humor. Look on the funny side of things. Try not to take things so seriously. Remember, all of us will not get out of this world alive. So enjoy life. Every minute of it. “Laughter is the best medicine” as the saying goes.

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