A Few Ways You Can Overcome Your Social Anxiety At Home

Many people seek treatment from a therapist or psychologist, who are professionally trained in dealing with mental disorders such as social phobia.

Therapists have several methods that they can use to help you overcome social fear, the most popular being cognitive behavior therapy and or medications designed to reduce anxiety and or depression.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

It is believed that some natural herbs and supplements have the ability to reduce the symptoms of social anxiety, these do not have the strength of prescription medications used to reduce social phobia but do not have the ill side effects and dependence concerns.

Social anxiety medications have been proven effective in reducing social fear, but while these would appear to be the solution many have been looking for, there are many possible side effects as well as the possibility of becoming addicted to the medication.

Many people chose not to seek professional or medicinal help in overcoming their social anxiety and choose to try and overcome their fears on their own.

If this sounds like you, let me provide you with a couple tips and strategies you can use to get the process of getting over your social fear.

Overcoming Social Phobia

Many people say that simply changing your attitude is the first step in overcoming your social fear, social anxiety is a mental disorder so simply changing the way that you think about social situations will provide relief for your anxiety.

Many times your social anxiety is caused by the expectations that you set for yourself, when you cannot meet these goals, you begin to think only about your shortcomings and failures rather that all the good that you have done.

When you are setting goals you should start by setting goals that you know you can achieve, once you do you can start to go for more ambitious goals.

Another way to help in getting over your social anxiety is change the way you think other perceive you when you make mistakes.

It is very important at this point to realize that everyone makes mistakes and it is nothing to stress out about.

Another way that will help is to learn how to start a conversation with others, start with people who you know but may not be considered close friends, your neighbors, mail man, cashier at grocery store, just start with baby steps, small talk.

Since one of the most common symptoms of social anxiety is fear of speaking in public or making a conversation in a crowd, when you see those people who you are already familiar with, just smile, offer a friendly greeting, it may not seem like much but it is a start.

If you are at work or in school, make a comment about the work to someone close to you, doesn’t have to be much, normally something this small is all it takes to break the ice and start a conversation.

If things go well with the person you struck up a conversation with, the next day make another comment to them, you never know this could easily turn into someone who will have regular conversation with and this time try to add another person to the conversation.

You would be surprised how quickly this can happen if you continue to add new people to your conversations and do the same thing, before long you could have a small crowd of people talking to you.

Stay up on the news and current events, if someone strikes up a conversation about something going on in the world, you will be able to add to the conversation.

Remember that ¾ of communicating is being a good listener, pay attention and do not be afraid to ask someone to repeat themselves if they say something you missed or did not understand.

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