Define Successful Panic Attack Treatment

What do you think is the difference between a person who is completely cured of his anxiety and panic attacks and the one who isn’t?

The answer is really very simple.

Get this: The person who is cured is the one who isn’t afraid of another panic attack happening again. He is not afraid of fear anymore. It won’t bother him anymore. That’s it.

Crush the urban legend that panic attacks can’t be cured. Quite the opposite is true.

First off, we have to understand the basic truth that panic attacks can’t hurt us. It is only our physical reaction to the unused adrenaline surging in our body. When we know something can’t hurt us in the first place, we will become calmer and relaxed. Here are other natural ways to squash this annoying pesky fly of anxiety we called panic attacks:

1.Generations before us had been using herbs to cure whatever ails our forefathers-physical or mental. The soothing scent of lavender while drinking an afternoon cup of chamomile tea can calm shattered nerves and helps quiet your restless mind. Don’t forget lemon balm and passion flower that come in tea, tinctures and essences form. When you know how to relax your body and mind using these herbal remedies you are ready to tackle the daily grind.

2. Anger, frustrations, sadness, loneliness and boredom can all feel like a vague sense of anxiety. Learn to identify your feelings, what causes them and find ways to address them. The first step to the healing process and curing your panic attack is understanding what you feel and accepting it.

3. Cultivate a positive mindset. Count your blessings. Look at the glass half-full rather than half empty. Help I’m running out of clich├ęs here. Kidding aside, the things that keep you up all night and the thoughts that’s constantly bothering you, might not be the monster you first thought it was. Learn to be grateful for all the wonderful things you take for granted. Every morning when you wake up say “thank you” that you are still here to greet the day.

4. Eliminate unnecessary stress: If you noticed the news on war, crimes and catastrophes raise your stress and anxiety levels, then by all means turn off the boob tube especially at night before going to bed. Learn to say “no” to low priority commitments without feeling guilty. Get less exposure from toxic people. Have spare key. Have a go-to meal ready if ever the canteen is closed. Keep your babysitter’s number in your speed dial. Replenish your emergency fund. Think and plan in advance.

5. Look at the hourglass- the sand passes slowly through the narrow part on increments – to get to the other side of the glass (the bottom part). That’s the only way it should go. Or else you will blow and crack the glass if you try to force it to go through the narrow glass faster. It is much like our life. We have to take it one day at a time. Each day is our chance to correct our mistakes. Each day is an opportunity to learn and practice things that will lead us to our goals and dreams. And that includes our journey to recovery of our panic attacks and anxiety.

6. There are studies conducted which proved, that panic attack sufferers are nutritionally deficient. Most people who have panic attack condition are lacking in potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium. So in order to learn how to stop a panic attack without medications, you have to religiously take your multivitamins, load up on B vitamins (B1,B6,B12) and omega 3 fatty acids( which you can derived from fish oil or flax oil). Get your micronutrients by eating bananas, oranges, almonds etc.

7. Get physically active. Indulge in a sport of your choice. An inexpensive way to alleviate low serotonin levels in your brain( condition most often found in people suffering from depression) is to sweat out, increase your heart rate and strengthen your muscles by exercising regularly. Get that “happy hormones” going by running, power hiking, dancing, gardening etc.

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