How to Enhance Memory

If you have a tough time connecting faces with names or you tend to misplace your keys a lot, it might be a good idea for you to take active steps to boost your memory and recall ability. When trying to do so, keep in mind that there are two elements you need to cover for effective memory improvement. You have to address both the environmental and physical aspects of your brain’s overall health. Your mental hardware is not the only factor in increasing memory power. Your brain also responds to environmental stimuli. The way you use and how frequently you use your brain is as important as your brain’s physical health in determining your memory power. Address both this bases so you can improve your overall memory power.

The importance of the right diet and physical exercise

If you want to enhance your memory, you need to eat the right food. All the time, effort, and energy you spend on increasing your memory through memory games, socialization, and getting the right amount of sleep all goes out the window when the physical component of your memory-your brain’s physical health is neglected. Your brain doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It is a part of all the other systems in your body. In particular, if you have cardiovascular conditions like hypertension, your brain health might suffer due to the restricted flow of blood. Your brain is the most oxygen-hungry organ in your body. It needs healthy blood flow for optimal operation. When you have hypertension or other cardiovascular conditions, blood flow is affected and your brain and memory suffer. If you want to boost blood flow to your brain, avoid fatty foods and cholesterol. Eat more fruits and vegetables. You should also accentuate your diet with the right amount of seeds, nuts, and grains. Foods that help fight cardiovascular degeneration help your brain by improving blood flow. Just as important, you should get on a regular exercise program. Brisk exercise for 30 minutes to one hour daily can go a long way in helping reduce cardiovascular disease risks and boosting your mental faculties.

Get the right amount of sleep

Insomnia is a persistent problem in America. For a variety of reasons, people have a tough time getting the right amount of sleep. In addition to slowing you down at work and making you feel groggy and tired all the time, not getting enough sleep also hits your memory hard. Your brain requires a good amount of rest. If you don’t sleep enough, your brain is stressed, and if you keep this up, the persistent stress will erode mental dexterity and memory recall power. Get the right amount of sleep. You may want to work out later in the day so your body is tired enough for sleep. You may want to meditate and calm your mind before you sleep. Regardless of the particular ritual you use, you need to slow down and calm your mind enough for you to fall asleep naturally. If you are well rested, your memory functions can improve.

Play memory games

Whether through a mobile phone app, card games, board games, or even alone and with no physical game pieces, you can play memory games. Memory games are all similar in the sense that they all work with your ability to recall places, faces, details, and events. They differ based on how they do this, how they time your responses, and how they measure your success. If you don’t have the time or feel it is necessary to buy physical or software games, you can play memory games all by yourself using your memory. You just need to stick by the rules and you should be okay. You can recall dates, places, and details from your past. You can try to match faces with names and recall details about people. There are so many variations you can try when playing memory games. What’s important is you don’t stop within the confines of your comfort zone. You have to continuously challenge yourself with more and more challenging memory games. Eventually, you reach a point where you are able to memorize intricate details quickly and easily.

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