Safe And Effective Psychotherapy In Dreams

You may have the impression that you are a normal person and your mentally stability is guaranteed, but you belong to the human race. You have inherited a wild conscience into the biggest part of your brain and psyche, the anti-conscience.

Since you have inherited absurdity into your anti-conscience from birth and your anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain, how do you know for how long you will be able to keep your mental stability?

Everything depends on your life experiences, which depend on your personality and actions because everything is related in your reality. If you will have traumatic experiences and you are a slave of your psychological type, your anti-conscience will manage to gradually destroy your conscience.

This means that your mental stability depends on your life experiences in combination with your reactions before all challenges. You need help in order to deal with the absurdity you have inherited into your anti-conscience.

The unconscious wisdom proves the divine origin of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams and knows everything about your mental condition and your life. God produces your dreams with the intention to help you fight your satanic nature and become really human. This is a scientific and religious truth you can verify by yourself.

Now that I could discover the unconscious sanctity (which Jung couldn’t perceive) giving you also many religious explanations about the fact that we have a demoniac nature that must be transformed, you have to be serious and eliminate your anti-conscience through dream therapy. This is not optional. You cannot be indifferent to the existence of a wild conscience that generates mental illnesses within your conscience, besides causing problems to your daily life, accidents, and other misfortunes.

Your conscience is the object of the fight between God and Satan. God tries to save your conscience and help you acquire total consciousness. Satan tries to destroy your conscience through craziness and take the place of your ego.

You ignore this fight, but you are guided by your religion. All religions teach us how to resist to temptations and have a conscious behavior. Our dreams reveal the existence of this fight, showing us how to help God win the battle against our absurd and evil anti-conscience. God fights the demon, and not the human being. The human being must obey God’s guidance in order to escape the demons’ attacks.

In other words, you have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to transform your anti-conscience into a human being, like the part of your conscience that has human characteristics. You also have to respect the guidance of your religion. If you are an atheist, you should learn more about God because He is not a myth.

You have to understand the importance of sensitivity and become more sensitive. Sensitivity is the capacity of an organ or organism to respond to stimulation. This means that sensitivity is based on feeling a stimulation and responding to this stimulation with a certain reaction.

You may believe you are sensitive because you easily feel hurt when someone is rude with you, or whenever someone is indifferent to your presence. However, your sensitivity must be based on understanding how other people feel, and not based on how you feel. In order to be sensitive you have to feel like other people are feeling when you pay attention to what is happening to them.

If you are sensitive you won’t be indifferent to their suffering. You will become sad when you will realize how sad they are. You will feel pain in your heart. You will feel you have to do something to help them. If you are indifferent to other people’s suffering like everyone else, this means that you are as insensitive as everyone else.

The bitter truth is that the human nature is wild, violent, absurd, evil, immoral, and cruel because the biggest part of the human brain remains in a primitive condition. This is why human beings are insensitive. You have to recognize this truth.

The recognition of your absurdity is indispensable if you want to win the fight against your anti-conscience and become really human. If you believe that you are an intelligent and balanced person you will never eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience. Even if you don’t seem to be mentally ill, many of your decisions are influenced by your primitive conscience, which thinks like a demon.

You are used to think like a demon, while believing that you think like a reasonable person. You are extremely selfish and you don’t pay attention to numerous aspects of your reality when you make your decisions. You believe you must think about your advantages or disadvantages in all situations.

This evil mindset doesn’t belong only to the absurd modern civilization. It always characterized the human nature, in all historical times.

Even your human conscience is not really human. It must be developed. Your thoughts are idiotic because you use only one of your four psychological functions and half of another psychological function. You don’t have a global vision of your reality. Therefore, your anti-conscience can easily influence your idiotic human conscience.

This means that you are very far from being a mentally healthy person, even if you don’t have psychological problems that you can notice. This is a sad reality, but the fact that you can find sound mental health for life by obeying the divine guidance in your own dreams is a big consolation.

The unconscious treatment in dreams has a limited duration. Your main psychotherapy is short. However, you should keep translating the meaning of your dreams in order to completely eliminate your anti-conscience, besides solving your basic psychological problems. The unconscious mind helps you become wiser and use all of your brain power.

The truth is that even after becoming a mentally healthy person, you need the divine guidance. Even when you will become a genius, after completely eliminating your wild conscience, you will still need God’s guidance. God knows a lot more than you do and you will never surpass His wisdom.

However, you will become wiser yourself. You will be self-confident and strong. You won’t depend on the divine guidance. It will complement the knowledge you will have.

On the other hand, your dreams are free, and you don’t need to follow specific steps to have a dream. You naturally have many dreams. You may forget your dreams because you think about other matters when you wake up instead of paying attention to your dreams, but you surely have many dreams per night.

Many people remember many dreams per night, especially after writing down their dreams in a dream journal and following the unconscious psychotherapy. Every dream gives precious information to the dreamer.

Your dreams contain God’s words in a symbolic form. You understand how to become a mentally healthy person. This experience is totally different from the superficial treatments of ignorant human beings. God shows you in your dreams what is going wrong in your brain and psyche and what you have to do in order to correct your behavior, so that you may stop making mistakes.

By obeying the guidance you have in dreams you always have positive results because your doctor is God, and not an ignorant human being who follows the limited knowledge of your historical time. First of all, average psychologists never tell you what to do. You have to decide what to do by yourself. Average psychiatrists don’t provide you with psychotherapy. They give you medications that destroy your immune system instead of helping you fight absurdity.

Only God gives you safe guidance and specific instructions, showing you what you have to do to save your sanity and why you have to follow certain steps. You have numerous explanations and lessons in your own dreams.

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