Dual Diagnosis: Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

A dual diagnosis is when an alcohol or drug addiction is coupled with at least one mental illness such as depression or anxiety. For effective treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction, the mental health disorder must be treated as well. There is no need for shame. There are millions in your shoes if you suffer from a dual diagnosis and treatment for both the mental illness and addiction can make a big difference in your recovery.

The Dual Diagnosis

It may be a little frightening or confusing to receive a dual diagnosis. First things first, dual diagnoses are quite common and they’re in fact much more common among women than they are with men. Just as therapy is meant to discover all of the factors contributing to addiction in a client’s life, an assessment to discover if any other mental health issues exist is a big part of the healing process. Often the symptoms of a mental illness can contribute to relapses if not addressed. A dual diagnosis can be treated, and the symptoms can be reduced and managed with proper care.

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