Being A Survivor

Violence inside the family is never an easy thing. Many of us (and I raise the hand as well) think that it is easy for those who are trapped inside the circle to escape. All they need to do is walk away, right? Wrong. Being someone who actually was trapped inside it, I can tell you first hand that most of the times you do not know that you are trapped inside such a circle.

My father (or the genetic material provider) was/is a violent man. The type of men who do not only enjoy physical abuse but who also enjoy and master the subtle art of psychological abuse. You might think that one comes along the other but it is not the case; you certainly can psychologically destroy someone when you hit them, but it is not necessary to hit them to destroy them psychologically.

For all the time (years) in which we lived with him in the same house, there was no time or pause for him to let us know that we could not do anything without him. He was our saviour and protector from the outside world; everything HAD to be done HIS way because HIS way was better, there was no room and no chance for us to experience, improve or think outside the box.

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