Are We Making People Become Mentally ill?

Mental illness has become a major problem in today’s society. Some conditions formerly thought to be not that serious such as bipolar and depression have been found to cause people to do things in an extremely irrational manner. Mental problems in people have been attributed to cause mass shootings and terror.

Are we making people become mentally ill by our behavior toward them? A very disturbing piece was aired on the sports news about an NFL pro football player who was treated badly by his fellow teammates to the point where he left and went home to try and cope with the extreme distress he was feeling. It was reported that he had suffered several incidences of unkindness from other members of his team, but the last straw seemed to be when a group of them invited him to sit with them at a table where they were seated for lunch. Possibly feeling jubilant that they were finally accepting him, he went to sit with them whereupon the rest of the team immediately got up and left. They may have thought it was a funny practical joke, but their actions caused great harm.

I had not been aware of the situation and do not know the player’s name, but it does seem totally unconscionable that such a thing would happen. This was done by grown men who are well educated and successful. They most certainly should have known better, and there is no excuse for their treatment of a fellow teammate who should be looked after and nurtured instead of being bullied and disrespected.

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