The Path to Self-Empowerment

Understanding What Self-Empowerment Means

Before we begin working on obtaining, maintaining and building on our own sense of self-empowerment, we must first know exactly what it is and what it means. Self-empowerment is the strength and confidence to express oneself in the truest of ways to oneself. Which means that one will express their soul and not their ego/spirit (attitude) in place of the soul.

This does not include the falsehoods of imitating the things you wish you could be like or feel you are deserving of being seen as. The popular methods work but only on a superficial level (i.e., temporarily) and instead feed the very thing that inhibits one’s sense of self-empowerment to begin with. Thereby making it worse in the end and brings about the “doomed to fail from the start” situation (while the person who sold you such methods sits pretty in profits).

Components of Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment is commonly spoken of but rarely explained as to what it consists of or why it is either effective or ineffective. Many times it has to do with not adopting and living with the Independent Mindset.

The Independent Mindset lacks attachment to ideas, things, people (to some extent). It truly defines the word “confident.” Individuals who live with this mindset need not borrow their strengths from outside sources. Relying on themselves is their primary option. Not to say that they would refuse help when needed, but they will only reach out when absolutely necessary or if the opportunity presents itself.

When one obtains and lives by this mindset they will begin to possess true strength and not borrowed strength. You see, borrowed strength is when one needs external sources in order to feel strong, powerful or confident. True strength comes from within oneself. And in order to project this strength we must first learn how to balance the other components that lead to self-empowerment.

A) Mental Balance–Mental balance is one of the most important types of balance we all should have. It is the one thing that carries over to everything involved in our lives. It does not matter if it is directly or indirectly either. If your Mental Matrix is not balanced, your entire life will not be balanced (even if you think it is). It is our very first defense against anything that is possibly threatening, harmful or dangerous to ourselves and for those with us.

The first step is to acknowledge and realize the reality of and the true nature of things. This means coming face-to-face with the truth and not living with the fabrications, illusions and delusions we often create in order to feel better about ourselves. This action just acts like a crutch that one does not need. Thus the habit of relying on the crutch becomes a part of the newly established reality and the false sense of confidence is asserted as the truth. This only feeds the Ego Entity.

B) Emotional Balance–The Emotional Matrix is the center where our experiences are recorded in their purest form. Everything first goes through the filter of our mental matrix and then drops down into our emotional matrix. It is here where all experiences are permanently recorded for future reference of similar events, situations and circumstances.

So if you allow an incident to attack your mental matrix it will be recorded as a negative experience after that “attack” is strengthened when it resonates in your emotional matrix. Which is why some people seem to overreact to certain things. It can quickly lead to paranoia, and unnecessary fear. These lead to self-doubt and strip one of their confidence.

Then we have those who seem to completely skip the whole mental filtering process. Which is highly due to being too compassionate or misunderstanding of what compassion means. Most think it means to try and imitate a “saint.” When they do this, they ONLY use their emotional matrix and here is where things really get out of control. The person will be too emotional for any experienced ordeal. Which will greatly affect how they react the next time something similar occurs.

What happens to the body and brain is a truly remarkable thing in such an incident (in a not so admirable way). The individual actually manifests a change in their own chemical makeup within their body. And this is why some seem to be “psychotic” in the name of compassion or as they call it, “good” or “righteousness.” It also is the reason for any mental disorder that involves a chemical imbalance.

Therefore, you must strive to first use your mental matrix by thinking logically first and sensible secondly. I say screw rationality as that usually involves the ego and the ego’s only goal is to deceive and consume oneself. Then either allow your emotional matrix to react naturally or conjure up the proper emotion using will power. This way you are not overwhelmed by your emotions nor can they be used against you. Instead they will be available for use as an advantage-for you.

C) Spiritual Balance–When speaking of physical balance it is never just about the physical. This is the other reason why I started with mental and emotional balance first. These two play a major role in the influence of our physical balance. But then we must also throw in one extra addition to the party-Attitude. Your attitude (i.e., spirit) can create bad vibes, which may directly affect your physical body to either be healthy or unhealthy.

You must understand that how you express your spirit clearly reveals to yourself and others about your mental and emotional status.If you seem to not keep your attitude in check or have it at least under control, you will lack mental and emotional stability and therefore can easily be toppled. For a “free spirited” attitude is but an undisciplined one. And when one is undisciplined you have chaos. Which only clogs up your soul from being expressed.

And if your soul cannot be expressed through an unclogged filter (mental, emotional and spiritual matrix), your ego will fill in the blanks for you. When you allow this to happen, your ego will begin to eat at your body’s energies from the inside out. This produces the feeling of being mentally and emotionally drained.

Yet others experience physical health declines. As in to say if you allow your ego to consume your soul, it will first consume your Etheric Body first and then your physical body. In which you will begin to see an increase in physical health problems.

So basically all you need to do is learn how to balance your mental and emotional matrix while keeping your attitude in check. For your attitude is the doorway in which the ego uses to step out, forcing itself out in front-taking control. And your soul then be spoken for by one’s Ego Entity. Speaking in ways the soul would never express, say things the soul would never say, and believe things (falsehoods) the soul would never embrace.

Such practices weaken the soul’s influence on oneself and become powerless. Thereby the person ceases to being themselves and takes on an imitation that the ego entity wants. This leads to the feeling of being lost and is felt as confusion and expressed as anger and fear.


When an individual faces the truth of reality, they can better gauge where they are in their life, where they want to take their life and most importantly, know who they are. There will be no confusion of an expression of the soul and a projection of their attitude (of the ego entity). Such a person will not seek to find things that define them as a person for they will need no such things since they live that definition.

A full understanding that certain external things we do is not “who we are” will be grasped. Such as being rude/obnoxious/inconsiderate, sagging pants, talking in a certain way–all are projections of the ego entity and not a trait that reflects the individual’s soul. When one begins to live true to oneself, one will begin to live true to those around them and express the soul freely–this is their true self.

And when a person expresses their true self (and stays true to him or herself) they will naturally project self-empowerment by becoming a living embodiment of its very definition. Which is in nature compassion in of itself (in its purest form and not merely an imitation of it).

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