Tips for Anxiety Sufferers – How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Did you know that social anxiety affects the lives of about 19.2 million people each and ever year and sadly that number is now showing signs of decreasing any time soon.

What is the problem?

Why do some many people live in constant fear of social situations and do nothing to make a difference in their lives?

Well I have a few thoughts on why that might be including the fact that social phobia typically develops in early childhood and if not treated can quickly develop into a full-blown mental disorder by the time teenage approaches.

It is actually sad that social anxiety is the most common anxiety disorder and the third most common mental disorder behind only depression and alcoholism, which one or both can sometimes be paired together with social anxiety to make a terrible combination.

Social anxiety appears in women twice as often in women as it does men, but shockingly enough it is the men who more often than women seek professional help for their disorder.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

The facts mentioned above are alarming along with the fact that social fear if left untreated can lead to panic attacks, severe depression and in some cases suicide really makes you want to get to the bottom of your anxiety once and for all and find a solution.

Luckily there are several possible options available to treat your social anxiety including professional therapy, anxiety reducing medications, and at home systems for overcoming social fear.

When dealing with a psychologist or psychiatrist you are getting treatment by a professional who has been trained in diagnosing and treating mental disorders.

There are two main types of social anxiety treatment that your therapist will use:

  • CBT – cognitive behavior therapy – which involves retraining the brain to look at your thoughts and feeling about social situations in a different way. It is widely used by therapists world-wide to help their patients achieve long lasting changes in the way they deal with social interactions with others.
  • Medications such as betta-blockers, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines like Paxil are widely used by those who suffer from social anxiety and shyness. Many have seen positive changes due to the use of these medications while just as many complain about the ill side effects that come with their use.

There is a third type of treatment for social phobia known as NLP or neuro-linquistic programming which has been shown to produce very powerful results but is not as widely used as cognitive behavior therapy.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety At Home

There are many programs available that teach you how you can overcome your social phobia in the comfort of your own home.

These programs are widely used and have been proven on several occasions to be very credible and deliver positive results.

As with all at home type courses, some are better than others but these type courses offer many advantages that expensive therapy and medications do not.

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