Why Over Thinking Is a Mind Killer

Let me explain. To eliminate the problem of over thinking doesn’t mean that you have to stop thinking! It also doesn’t mean that you should put any less mental efforts into the things that you do.

The problem with over thinking occurs when people run over the same old thought again and again. If we get caught up in the same thought loops, running them over and over, we think too much, we over think a problem or situation and get nowhere.

As a rule, most people think 90% of the same thoughts every single day. What you thought about yesterday, will be the same things you think today. What you think about today, will be the same things you will think about tomorrow.

Think about that!

It’s how we have been conditioned. Studies tell us that we actually think these looping thoughts 12,000 to 60,000 times per day!

This repetitive way of thinking creates a chattering mind that not only distracts us from pursuing our successes, but muddies up the mental waters so we can even lose sight of what we wanted in the first place!

The chattering mind pulls mental energy out of us. It pulls mental energy away from the tasks we want to do. Consequently, we waste energy on useless and random thoughts while the mind just continues to chatter away.

If we want to be successful, we really need a clear, calm and focused mind. We have to get the mind chatter under control and when we do, we will have saved the valuable mental energies we need to help us do what we want to do.

Picture your mental clarity as a fire hose.

When the fire hose is in good working order, a pure stream of water comes jetting out. It’s a strong stream that can dampen down most fires.

Imagine your calm and clear focus is that good, working stream. A calm and clear mind needs to have a natural, easy focus and concentration just like the fire hose needs a good strong flow to be effective.

What would happen if someone came along and poked holes all along the fire hose? The water pressure would drop, of course! The water would leak out through every hole.

The good, powerful water stream we need to fight our fire will have vanished. The fire we’re faced with will probably win out over our efforts.This is what happens to our concentration when we don’t have a clear, calm and focused mind and allow mental chatter to absorb all our energy and mental vitality.

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